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Sunday, August 19, 2012

How To Get Back At People Without Them Even Knowing It

We've all been there. There's always that person that you just can't stand! Sadly, getting in fist-fights in public is looked down upon in most societies. Instead of getting our feelings out there and fighting, or worse talking about them, we the people, must get back and get our revenge in discrete, small ways. In this post, I will show you how to get entertainment and fun out of the deserving victim of your choosing!    

1.) Take what they want 
This technique can be used with anything that is on hand. Here's an example. Let's just say you are in class and the kid behind you who has been kicking your chair all year even though you've asked them to stop, asks for your pencil sharpener. "Oh sure!" you may respond and get the sharpener out. Now, you have your torture weapon. "Oh wait a minute! My pencil is dull too!" So you sharpen your pencil (especially if it wasn't dull). They'll politely wait. You sharpen and sharpen and sharpen as slow. as. possible. All while thinking MWAHAHAHA!!! Even add little comments to really rub it in! "Wow, my pencil is going to get really sharp!" "Oh wait, you don't have any pens do you?" "This is taking a really looooong time! Whew!" And then right when they can't stand it anymore, give it
 to them!

2.) The COLD routine 
This technique is not for the weak of heart. Ever heard of the phrase "revenge is a dish best served cold"? The key here is to strike at the perfect moment. Here's an example: 

K: Lalalalala all is right with the world! Oh look, a feather!  

S: I don't want you to be happy! Don't you know feathers have germs?! 

K: But I like it! 

S: Put it back or you will get sick and die! 

K: Fine!


S: Oh look at that cute guy over there! 

K: Don't look at him! You might breath the same air and get sick and die!  

And then continue to use that phrase over and over in as many situations as you can to make them pay. for. that. feather!!!

3.) Come up with a terrible nickname for your victim, but use it sparingly. If the whole school uses it; it just doesn't pack as much of a punch. Make sure to use painful past experiences to get the desired name.  

4.) The ignore 
Now remember: you cannot, I repeat cannot do the full-on  ignore. If there's a bully and you just don't talk to them, then they will throw insult after insult after insult at you until you break! This routine is to of course add some disses and burns, but every now and then add a few ignores. Now these ignores can't be "Oh, I heard what you said, but it's so improper and rude I simply won't acknowledge it!" No this ignore has to be perfect: no eye-contact, no expression change and act busy. They will think you genuinely did not hear them and trust me, there is nothing more annoying then having the perfect insult only have it wasted on someone that doesn't react to it whatsoever. 

The end!!! And remember I'm joking here! Talk about your problems and revenge is never the answer to your problems! Don't be mean to people especially if they don't realize if they're annoying!


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    1. haha no it's just a random initial because I figured we didnt know anyone whos name starts with an S. But theres my mom hello.

    2. I sure hope you and your mom wouldn't be interested in the same guy. Weird. Although, my mom and I both think Robert Pattinson is cute, sooo...

      P.s. Great advice! No, really! It's almost as if you've got a lot of experience in the art of REVENGE. Hmmmm, sUspIciOUs.

    3. haha no paige I think we all know if i think a guy is cute no one agrees with me!

    4. No, I think it's the other way around!

  2. Well u don't think chris hemsworth is cute (swoon) but yea we both agree on arthur (SUPER SWOON).

    1. No, I think Chris Hemsworth is cute! You're the one who thinks Liam Hemsworth isn't!

    2. haha yea ur right. Ok well . . . ok we agree on prince harry leo decapreo . . . who don't we agree on? I'm sure there was someone!

  3. Alexander Ludwig... but I actually do think he's pretty cute. :)

    P.s. You know who I would add to, ya know... "THE LIST"? Jim Sturgess. *sigh* Oh, Jim.

    1. Oh, and the younger brother from Wizards of Waverly Place. Uh uh. No.

    2. ^What I mean is: we don't agree on him.